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Word Sauce

Show off your intelligence in Word Sauce

Support two Word Sauce characters who clean up the store by performing mini-tasks. Match the given letters into meaningful words to complete mini-tasks.

If you want to conquer word-matching puzzle games to improve your English vocabulary, nothing is more perfect than this game. Grandpa and his granddaughter are having a headache about cleaning the house. You need to help them by doing mini-tasks to earn stars and complete the small steps of cleaning and decorating the house. In the mini-task, you need to use the given letters to form meaningful crosswords and fill in the given crossword. The crosswords will give you an opening letter. You must use them as hints for your crosswords. Besides, the more you play, the more difficult the crosswords become. After completing each mini-task, you can get a star, and a coin and finish a character request. You can see the next task by clicking the notebook icon. Once you've finished cleaning one room, you can move on to the next room. Help your character make the house clean again.

The hidden things behind the messy house of Word Sauce

Rooms that require clean

The game gives you 5 basic rooms including a living room, kitchen, office, and bathroom. Initially, these rooms are quite messy but it will become more perfect after you fix the broken objects and change the design of the room. To modify your room, you need to use a star.

Unlocked levels

There are countless levels of crosswords in the game. The crosswords are classified from easy to difficult. Initially, the crossword will only have 3 letters. In later levels, the crossword will increase. The higher the level, the more crosswords will be. You can use coins to buy hints and unlock difficult crosswords. You can try to unlock all levels to return the room clean.