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Dreadhead Parkour

Run to escape all levels in Dreadhead Parkour

One of the most attractive epic running games Dreadhead Parkour was on your screen. Control the Dreadhead to overcome the obstacles and complete the level.

A running game with similar mechanics to Sonic, you can easily understand how to control this game. You need to successfully steer the Dreadhead to the finish line to continue with the next levels. To successfully reach the finish line, you need to take your character to run and overcome the obstacles on the way. Sometimes you need to jump over barbed wire fences or crouch to get through narrow ravines. Remember that you also need to collect coins on the way. At the end of the game, you can use your coins to buy a new character. Why do you still hesitate to join the game?

Important notes of Dreadhead Parkour

Things you need to note to control the character

  • Use WASD keys and ARROW keys to move
  • To jump over objects, you need to use the UP ARROW key or W key
  • To get through ravines or obstacles, you must use the DOWN ARROW keys or the S key

Levels and obstacles

There are many levels in the game. The levels are classified into easy levels and difficult levels. You may encounter countless obstacles on the way. Some obstacles can be mentioned as rows of barbed wire, spikes, narrow ravines, deep pits, and so on. Your character will die if you can't pass it. At high levels, there will be more obstacles and more dangerous obstacles to challenge you to overcome. To conquer more levels, you can use your coins to upgrade a new character in the shop.