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Create your new and awesome life in Bitlife

Bitlife allows you to live the simulated life you want. In this game, you will have to face unexpected situations and make wise decisions to deal with them.

Have you ever wanted to change your life or get a wealthy life? This game will give you a chance there. This is the best life-simulator game that you should try. In this game, you will live a life of a simulator and try to be as perfect as possible. You will start your life as a child. When you're under 3, you won't have too many problems. However, the game will gradually become more challenging as you grow up. You have to make decisions like going to college or taking a gap year, dating or being single, choosing to party or stay home, having a pet or not, and so on. You must try to make as many right decisions as possible and complete the game as a talented and successful person. Besides, you also need to note the 4 indicators at the bottom including health, happiness, smarts and looks. You can improve your health if you go to your doctor for regular checkups and stay away from harmful things like cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, beer, etc. You can join clubs or parties to increase your happiness while trying to make wise decisions and be good at studying to increase your look and smarts. Remember that you are the only one who decides how your life will turn out. Therefore, strive to create a better and happier life than anyone else.

Outstanding aspects of your life in Bitlife

Ribbons which you can get

If you open the main menu, you will see various ribbons including lustful, fertile, scandalous, lazy, academic, hero, addict, wicked, and so on. Each of these ribbons will reflect a life you have lived and created. For example, if you have a life as a hero, you can get the hero ribbon. If you get too addicted to addiction, you will have an addicting ribbon. If you are a man and only take care of your family, you will unlock the family guy ribbon.

Unlocked activities

Besides the ribbon, activities are an indispensable part of everyone's life. So is this game. You can see a multitude of activities like adoption, crime, license, love, lottery, and movie theatre. To earn the adoption badge in the activity part, you need to adopt a child. After committing the crime, you will unlock the crime activity. If you find someone to love, you will unlock the love badge.

Life modes

You have 2 life choice modes in the game. They are random life and custom people. If you open a random life, your life is pre-made and your mission is to lead it to the best life. In the second mode, you can choose your name, age, gender, and hometown to start your new life. Besides this game, helix jump is also a good choice for you to try on our site.