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Block Champ

Infatuated with Block Champ puzzle game

The simple and attractive gameplay of Block Champ has always been a reason to attract many gamers. Move blocks to create lines and remove them.

With just a phone connected to the internet, you can immediately participate in this cute and simple puzzle game. Your goal in this game is to place blocks on the board to form lines and remove them. Sort the given blocks in the right column and put them in the table. You need to set them to form a straight line. The more lines you remove, the higher score you will get. Lines whether vertical or horizontal will also be scored. However, if the board fills up with no blocks removed, you lose. Besides, you will also get double points when you remove blocks containing lightning. Try to achieve a high score and record your own record. Are you ready for this fun classic puzzle game?

Modes of Block Champ

Before entering the game, you will be given a choice of two modes including color block and colorless block. These modes all have identical gameplay. However, in color mode, the game's graphics will become more interesting and attractive to players. Besides, the game will also give you special blocks like stone blocks or lightning blocks. When two lightning blocks are placed together, they will burn a line. However, with stone blocks, you need to remove them twice to remove them from the board. Either way, try to get the highest score possible.