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Get ready for the snowball battle with Snowball.io

Cool down your summer with a snowball game on Snowball.io. Become the last survivor in the snow by creating a big snowball to take down other opponents.

The battle between many snowballs in this arena will certainly not disappoint you. In this game, you will control a snow machine. To create a large snowball, you need to move on the ice and create the largest snow block possible. Then you can use it to fight and defeat other opponents. However, you need to be aware that your snowball has limits. It will break and have to regenerate after each collision. Moreover, you can only beat smaller orbs. You will be thrown out of the ice block if you collide with larger spheres. In addition, you need to avoid unsafe ice blocks because they can melt and cause you to fall into the water at any time. Make the biggest snowball possible and survive to the end to become the winner.

Unique features of Snowball.io

Character and their skin

After each win or get a high score or rank, you will be exchanged for a snowman character. There are countless snow-making characters in the game such as Santa Claus, penguins, seals, robots, snowmen, and more. Each of these characters will come with a specific requirement. For example, you have to make a snowball 6 times bigger than you, achieve silver rank, achieve legend rank 2, and so on.

The daily challenge

The characters above can also be unlocked in the daily challenge section. You have several tasks for each day. The missions are categorized into round 1, round 2, quaterfinal, and seminal. After you complete a challenge, you can get some special rewards like unlocking new characters, getting coins and going to the next level.