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Candy Crush

Enjoy the taste of sweet candy in Candy Crush

Candy Crush is one of the classic matching puzzle games that you can refer to for your breaks. Move a candy to form a row of 3 similar candies and remove them.

Perhaps you are too familiar with this puzzle game motif, but you will never get bored with this game. Remove the candies and complete the missions in the game. Move a candy in the board to form a line of 3 or more identical candies. Then the same candies will be removed from the line. Each level will give you different tasks. You need to try your best to remove all the candies as prescribed. You can get special candies when you match a row of 4 or 5 candies or two lines of 3 candies that cross each other. You have countless levels to experience. In addition, each level gives you 3 stars and a number of moves. You need to finish the game within the allowed moves unless you want to fail the level. Besides completing the goal, you will get full stars and a high point if you remove as many candies as possible. You can essential items to support you if you get stuck. Besides, you have 20 lives equal to 20 attempts, so if you give up or fail a level, you will lose one life. Jump into the game to uncover hidden secrets.

Levels and support items in Candy Crush

The level is an important thing in many games. According to statistics, there are more than 10800 levels on mobile phones and 10900 levels on desktop devices. The difficulty of these levels will increase as you get higher. However, you shouldn't worry too much because you can have items that aid you in the game including Lollipop Hammer, Extra Moves, Jelly Fish, Color Bomb, Coconut Wheel, UFO, and Free Switch. These are the necessary items for you to pass the levels easily. Lollipop Hammer will help you smash a candy. Jelly Fish will help you remove the tiles or candies that the game requires. You can remove candies with the required color with the Color Bomb. However, you need to complete a specific number of levels to unlock these items. For example, Lollipop Hammer is unlocked at level 7, Coconut Wheel is unlocked at level 15, and at level 21 you can unlock UFO. In addition, there are many boosters that you need to follow the game to discover them.

Simple mouse rules similar to Helix Jump and eye-catching graphics are also one of the factors that attract players. The diverse terrains, colorful images, and funny sounds in the game always bring attraction to players. The control rules are extremely easy, so the game can easily meth the hearts of the most demanding gamers.