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Crossy Road

Cross the road on Crossy Road

An entertaining endless arcade game called Crossy Road will bring you extremely chill moments. Help the chicken cross the road and avoid moving cars.

Have you ever had trouble crossing the street during rush hour? This game will show you that crossing the street is also a skill. You need to control the chicken across the moving lanes. This may not seem like the right time to cross the road, but your chicken is supposed to cross those lanes. Help the chicken cross as many lanes as possible to get a high score. Use the ARROW keys to hop and avoid the cars. Cars always appear unexpectedly and do not notice your presence. Therefore, you need to be careful to avoid them. If you crash into it, your chicken will die. At that point, the game will end and you have to start over. A fun time-killing game for you is here.

Strategies in Crossy Road to cross the street easily

These may be useful tips for you in this game. To begin with, You don't need time, so think carefully before you plan to cross the street. Because you will not be able to turn back if you are in the middle of the lane, you need to consider and choose the most appropriate time to pass. Besides, the cars will have extremely unpredictable movements. They can appear suddenly, go very slowly, or very quickly. You can crash into them if you're not paying attention. Finally, don't panic when a car is approaching or you're stuck between multiple cars. Your mission is to go as far as you can, so don't rush or cross the road quickly.