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Murder: To Kill or Not to Kill

Have you seen movies about the kingdom or the palace in the old days? Have you ever wondered what you would be like if you became a person in that palace? A flash game developed in 2014 by Studio Seufz called Kill will give you a chance to be part of a luxury palace.

Become an emperor in Murder: To Kill or Not to Kill

Confront the hardships of the battle for the throne in Murder: To Kill or Not to Kill. Assassinate the king to become the next one and deal with your assassins.

A game of the same fun-addicting game genre next to Helix Jump, the journey to becoming a king in this game is indeed not easy. To become the predecessor to the throne, you need to defeat the current king. Press and hold the mouse to prepare your assassination plan. Then release the mouse to finish the king. After a successful assassination, you will become a new one. However, you will face jail time if you are found out. After becoming the king, you will continue to have to find a way to eliminate those who are trying to assassinate you. They will also go behind you and find ways to kill you when they can. If you're not careful, you might end up being replaced by them. At that point, you will return to being the original servant. Some backstabbing characters may be safe for you and you need to realize that. In conclusion, this is probably an ideal game for you to enjoy during boredom.

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All endings of the game

Why are we talking about the end of the game? Each of your actions and choices leads to a different ending for the game as well as for the character. For example, if you choose to go back to the queen or to the courtier, you will be overthrown by the people as soon as you ascend to the throne. If you are killed by a witch, you can turn into a frog. If Jester is allowed to kill, he will kill a man in the toilet, and so on. You need to be alert to recognize the characters.

Several achievements you can achieve

As mentioned above, with each choice, you can get different endings. With each new ending, you will unlock a special achievement. There are 10 achievements for you and to pass it you need to complete the challenges given by the game. Specifically, you can unlock the Romeo Juliet achievement when you run away with true love. You can unlock the drunk king achievement if you drink poison. Then, if you have the same endings 5 times, you can unlock the De Javu achievement. The throne is in front of you and can you take it?