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Flip Bottle

Start with the bottle's journey in Flip Bottle

Help the little bottle in Flip Bottle discover every object in the house. Jump over as many obstacles and platforms as you can to get a high score.

The game's new and attractive mechanics will make anyone who tries it out can't stop loving it. Get the bottle past as many objects as you can. To pass multiple objects, you need to click the mouse to bounce the bottle. You need to think carefully to bounce the bottle or it will fall out. You can also use double click if you want to overcome obstacles in the distance and bounce the bottle high. The obstacles will become more and more difficult, so try not to fall even once. As soon as you crash, your level will end. Each completed level will earn you 100 coins. The more levels you pass, the more your income will increase. This is one of the famous challenges for Americans who often try. How many times can you flip?

Some outstanding points to flip over as many obstacles in Flip Bottle

Various levels

This game has countless levels which have increasing difficulty if you progress. After you pass a level, you will get 100 coins and continue with the next level. How many levels can you pass?

All platforms that you can see

There are countless platforms that you can see in the game. The higher the level, the harder the obstacles or platforms are to overcome. Platforms that you often see such as televisions, refrigerators, chairs, shelves, tables and chairs, paintings, and so on. Different platforms will have different characteristics and strengths. For example, some paintings or shelves can rotate and cause your bottle to fall. The edges of the chair are extremely small for you to put the bottle on. Some other platforms such as televisions, refrigerators, or desks are quite sturdy, but they are often placed at a distance.