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Water Sort Puzzle

Classification of liquids in Water Sort Puzzle

Try your hand at the Water Sort Puzzle puzzle game to relax after hours of stress. Pour from one vial to another to sort the liquids in the jars.

An addictive puzzle game that both helps you train logical thinking and relax has appeared on your computer. You can see the water bottles are mixed up. Therefore, you need to sort them by pouring them from one jar to another. Note that only liquids of the same color can be poured together. Do continue until the water in the bottle is clear. The capacity of the bottles is limited. When the jar is full, you can't add anything more. Are you ready for the tough challenge ahead?

Big and small levels of Water Sort Puzzle

The difficulty of the game is divided into 4 main milestones including easy, normal, hard, and expert. In these levels, easy is the opening and the easiest level while expert will need you to invest more brainpower for the game. Each of these levels is divided into countless sub-levels. You need to be alert and think carefully to overcome them. At higher levels, you need to sort more jars and more liquids. You need to think carefully to pass the game easily and avoid getting stuck. If you are too stuck, you can try the game again or use the hint to add an extra bottle.