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Stickman Hook

Perform perfect swings in Stickman Hook

Stickman Hook will give you the opportunity to swing like a Spiderman. Hold the mouse continuously to use the rope and release it to move from side to side.

If you've ever seen a Spider-Man movie, you'll probably quickly conquer this game. Control the stickman to jump to the finish line and complete the level. You can see the circular hook positions above your head. Click anywhere on the screen to get the nearest hook and swing on it. Move from hook to hook to get closer to the finish line. Take advantage of the in-game mattresses so you jump over the endpoint faster. However, sometimes the mattress will be an obstacle when it can deflect your movement if you are not paying attention. On high levels, the game will bring more challenges for you. You need to try to overcome them. After you pass some levels, you can have special rewards. Jump into the game to discover your rewards.

Stickman Hook and its useful information

Do you have any plans for your summer yet? If you haven't already, joining this game or Helix Jump can be a good choice. Learn how to swing Spider-Man to move through the obstacles on the way. Be careful because you can get lost in this game.

Unlock characters

There are more than 20 characters in the game that you can unlock. You can unlock one of them when you pass a specific number of levels. For example, after you pass the first 5 levels, you can unlock the tabloid head. You can unlock the Ninja character after passing the next 10 levels. At level 30 you can unlock the Batman character. The cloaked warrior character will be given to you if you complete level 150.

Developer and platform

This is one of the fascinating jump-and-swing journeys of the developer Madbox. It was released in October 2018. You can easily see it on apps or platforms like web browsers, Android, iOS, and so on. With fast and engaging gameplay, this acrobatic adventure is always considered spiritual food for boring days.

All levels you can meet in the game

There are various levels for you to pass. Large levels are always a challenge for each player when you need to overcome obstacles like barricades, mattresses, and so on. You have to be smart to overcome them and learn to take advantage of them. A bounce on a cushion can get you to the finish line quicker than your swings.