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Tiles Hop 3D

Bounce balls with Tiles Hop 3D

How to let the ball pass the tiles in Tiles Hop 3D

A fast-paced 3D arcade game Tiles Hop 3D will bring thrills to you. Lead the ball to jump over as many tiles as possible to get the high point.

Also a 3D arcade game similar to Helix Jump with simple gameplay of jumping from one tile to another, you can achieve a high record. Left click to hold the ball. Then, move left or right to bounce on the platforms. Jump from platform to platform to score points. If you bounce right in the middle of the tile, you will get a higher score and more stars. At high levels, the game will give you more challenges when you have to overcome moving tiles. Besides, the speed of the game will also become faster and faster. Each game once played will be a piece of music. You will have to overcome obstacles and platforms until the song is completed. This deserves a game to relax your tired days when you can not only play the game but also listen to music.

The history of the game

The game is developed by Vseigru.net. It was released on October 30, 2019. You can play on mobile apps or desktop devices like computers, laptops, Macs, and so on.

Songs in tiles in Tiles Hop 3D

There are 16 songs brought to you. Each song will have 3 stars and you have to successfully reach the destination to get those 3 stars. For each tile you pass and each song you complete, you get a score. You can see some songs like Darkness by Du Tonc, Fifteen by Goldroom, Naive by The Kooks, and so on. You will fail the challenge if you fall off the tiles.