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Doodle Jump

Some features you need to know about Doodle Jump

An adventure game with attractive gameplay Doodle Jump will give you many different emotions. Bring Doodle to jump high to pass as many platforms as possible.

This game will make you want to conquer by the attraction shown through each platform. Take the Doodle as high as possible by jumping across different platforms. Besides jumping, you need to control the Doodle to move left or right to avoid falling and create momentum for the next jump. You can use road boosters like springs, pinwheels, and so on to help you get higher. When collecting springs, it will help you jump higher. Meanwhile, the pinwheels will help you to fly upwards. A special thing is that the higher you go, the more interesting the game will be. You may face dangerous enemies. Platforms also move faster as you level up. To overcome them, the game requires your agile handling. In particular, you should note that you cannot pass platforms without turning back. The game only allows you to go forward to climb the elevated platforms. If the Doodle falls, you will fail this level. What can you do to protect Doodle on these uncertain platforms?

A bunch of things you need to know in Doodle Jump

How to move

Tap on the ARROW keys to move

Press on the UP ARROW key to jump up

Press on the SPACEBAR key to shoot

Game history

Developed by Lima Sky and inspired by PapiJump, this game has always been well-received by many players. Most players think that the surprise of the platforms, the unlimited gameplay, the vivid sound, and the sharp graphics make the game so attractive. You can join the game on multiple platforms such as mobile and desktop. In the new version, the game gives you more interesting and interesting things like Christmas, Ghost Festival, Hunting, Ocean, and so on. This game is exactly one of the best games to be played on platforms besides Helix Jump.

What you might encounter on your journey

Firstly, we have to mention booster items like propellers, springs, and rockets. You can soar through the platforms with the pinwheel. Jump up about 6-7 platforms with springs while darting upwards through obstacles. In these items, springs will give you short jumps while rockets and pinwheels will give you longer strides. In addition, at high levels, you may face moving platforms, UFOs, enemies, black holes, clouds, and so on. You need to avoid, jump over or shoot UFOs and your enemies to stay alive. Black holes and clouds can suck you up. Try to pass all of them to get a high score. Then your score can be recorded on the leaderboard. The higher you go, the higher your score. Challenge this game to see how many numbers you get.