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LOL Bean.io

Join LOL Bean.io to support your little bean

LOL Bean.io is a fun running game with varied levels that will keep you motivated on hot days. Take your peas past other opponents and reach the finish line.

This fun multiplayer running game will probably get you hooked. Take your persimmon through obstacles as well as formidable opponents to reach the endpoint. Control your character to run and overcome barriers on the terrain. Note that if you encounter obstacles and your opponents, you may fall off the track or return to the original position. This will waste your time and prevent you from reaching your destination. Besides facing heavyweight opponents, you have to face time pressure. You need to pass the game in the allotted time and try to be the first to finish to win some high coins. After that, you can continue with the next round or choose any item in the shop. This is one of the games with the most attractive graphics and gameplay. Overcome the difficult challenges with only ingenuity and agility of your hand.

Special things

How to move your bean

Use the ARROW keys or the WASD keys to move

The SPACEBAR key is used to jump up

Use your mouse to look around

Customization part

You can change from skins to items from the customize icon. There are countless skins for you to choose from divided into normal, exotic and animated. However, to get these items, you need some coins that have been earned. Besides, you can use finance to buy cute and colorful hats to accompany your journey.

All terrains

Hundreds of levels with different terrains and challenges are one of the outstanding elements of the game. To complete the challenge and overcome the obstacles in these levels, you need to understand and take advantage of the advantages and limitations of the terrain. Try to stay away from obstacles or traps set up to prevent players because they can cause you to lose. The important thing is that no matter what terrain you are in, you need to get to the finish line as quickly as possible.