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Monkey Mart

Manage your shop in Monkey Mart

Monkey Mart will help you increase your management skills and relax during the weekends. Open stalls for your customers to come to buy and collect their money.

Besides entertaining and fun arcade games like Helix Jump, welcome to the restaurant management game. This is really an ideal idle game for your idle time. You will transform into an adorable monkey. Your task is to expand your store as much as possible. Firstly, you need to move to the marked location and collect money from it by pressing the WASD keys or the ARROW keys. Then, use that money to produce food and products. Next, move to the plots to harvest produce and bring them to the shelves to fill them up. After filling the shelves, your customers will come and buy them. You have to go back to the cashier to collect the money from them. After receiving the money, you will have to continue to produce more food and open more plots of land. You will get more money and more guests if you unlock new plots. After that, you can unlock new characters or new hats in the upgrade section. Let's accompany this easy-going monkey in managing the store.

Why Monkey Mart get many affections

Graphic element

One of the attractions of this game is the graphics. The animation style, clear images, vivid sound, etc are extremely small details but they are indispensable details for the success of the game. Besides, the characters in the game or the monkeys are designed in a creative, and cute way. This makes players, especially children, unable to take their eyes off.

Some boosters to upgrade

There are many characters that you can upgrade from the game such as assistant, farmer, chef, manager, chicken, cow, and so on. They will support you a lot in the game if you want to conquer the game as quickly as possible. Assistant, farmer, chef, and manager will help you sell products and collect money from customers while other supporters will help you create products. Specifically, you can unlock the chicken and collect eggs just by giving it some corn. After unlocking the microwave you can get popcorn and yogurt will be provided to you if you unlock the yogurt marker.

Unlock new hats

Besides these above-mentioned factors, you can see another great factor is the hat. You can get one of 20 awesome in the shop. These hats will have different values for money as well as different looks. You need to use your coins to unlock and use them. You need to spend 500 coins to get a bow. 1000 coins for a cap and 3500 coins for a watermelon hat. Put on a nice hat on your head to start the game.