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Dumb Ways To Die

Escape from stupid deaths in Dumb Ways To Die

Dumb Ways To Die will give you a series of challenges to overcome the blade of death. Support your character to complete all missions in a short time.

The game requires not only your logical intelligence but also your sensitivity to problems. You will have to overcome hundreds of different challenges. These trials will lead you to an end where you will die. Therefore, try as hard as you can to overcome all the challenges and prove you can overcome your tragic fate. You need to pay attention to the requirements as well as the time of the levels. Complete the given request in the shortest time possible to increase your chances of survival. You have countless challenges set like playing with bears, stitching wounds, choosing buttons, getting lost in space, putting out a fire burning above your head, or bathing in a piranha aquarium. The game of levels allows you to do it 3 times. If after 3 plays, you can die. Will you be able to pass these levels successfully or will you dedicate yourself to the god of death?

Obvious attractions of Dumb Ways To Die

Characters of the game

A new character on board will be unlocked when you reach a specific score. You can unlock up to hundreds of characters like Loopy, Pillock, Dumbbell, and so on. For example, for 200 points you will unlock Pillock while for 300 points you will unlock Hapless. In addition, an interesting thing about the game is that the character creating your death is also diverse. You can be easily eliminated by the bear, space rocks, piranhas, bees, raccoons, snakes, psycho, and so on. The challenges posed by the characters will also become increasingly difficult. Try your best to escape the death that is approaching you.

All death in front of you

There are countless challenges such as escaping from floating rocks in space, escaping from piranhas, playing with a ferocious bear, putting out a fire burning above your head, finding psycho, feeding snakes, and sewing open wounds. etc. You can see the time bar at the top of the screen. If it runs out and you can't complete the level, you will lose a life. You have all 3 lives to pass the game.