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Cube 2048.io

Unwind with Cube 2048.io

A new style of 2048 classic named Cube 2048.io has been released. After transforming into a cube, you must attack other cubes to become the biggest cube.

If you were once crazy with 2048, this game will be a good choice for you. The new version of 2048 with many new features and interesting gameplay will surely make you love this game. In the game, you will transform into a cube with a number. To become bigger, you have to attack other cubes. Note that you can only attack cubes that are less valuable than you. You can also collect stationary cubes of equal or lesser value to grow up. The new values will add up to the old values and make you a new cube with a larger value. However, the game also gives you a challenge when you need to stay away from larger cubes because they can swallow you up and make you lose. An arena full of dangerous enemies where everyone wants to be the strongest. Therefore, move skillfully and stay away from larger enemies. You can use the boost button to stay away or approach to attack the enemy. Are you ready for the arena between cubes?

Difference between classic 2048 and Cube 2048.io

Another version of 2048 gives readers a sense of familiarity as well as unfamiliarity. In this version, this is a confrontation between the cubes in the arena. In this version, players not only have to calculate and be smart to collect the smaller number of cubes accurately but also have to be on the lookout for dangerous enemies. The game ends when you are eaten by another cube. In the 2048 version, players have to use a lot of gray matter and brains when they have to move the same-number cube together to form a higher-number cube. The game ends when the cubes fill the board.