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Stack Blocks 3D

Practice your strategy skills in Stack Blocks 3D

Stack Block 3D is an addictive puzzle game that makes you unable to take your eyes off the first time you play it. Move blocks to fill the board.

With beautiful graphics easy-to-understand rules like helix jump, you will easily control and pass hundreds of levels of this game. Your mission is to control them to go straight or turn right. To control the blocks, you just need to swipe on the screen. They will have different moves depending on your selection. After each time they touch the edge of the board, it will change direction. Each block will have a certain number of moves. To pass the game, you need to use the given number of blocks to fill the board. The more you play, the more difficult the game will be. In the following levels, you need to think to control many blocks with different colors. Besides, you also need to avoid moving them to dead ends. If they go into the corner or there are no more moves, you lose. The game will also stop if a block runs out of moves. After the blocks are filled with the board, you will complete the level and go on to the next level. Pass as many levels as you can to prove your outstanding intelligence.

Notable things about Stack Block 3D

Hundred of levels

As we mention, the game offers you more than 300 levels. In these levels, the early levels are easy to pass but to pass the later levels you need to think carefully. Larger levels will have more blocks and the board will also be wider. You can easily get stuck in a corner or run out of moving water if you don't think carefully. After completing a level, the next level will appear. Try to conquer all our 300 levels.

The development of the game

This game was announced in October 2022. It is developed by TechArts Games. It is well received by many players when it records huge plays on the applications of phones, Macs, laptops, or computers.

Strategies to defeat the game easily

Through the process of playing, we draw certain experiences which may be helpful for you. Here are a few useful tips that you can refer to.

  • At high levels, thinking is important. Sometimes you should not underestimate them because the cells are too easy. You can also make wrong moves if you are subjective
  • Next, with levels with many cells, you need to pay attention to the number of turns of the given cells. After counting the moves, you can visualize your moves in advance to avoid running out of moves or moving into a dead corner.
  • Even failures help you. You can learn new moves or lessons every time you fail. At that point, find a way to go in the opposite direction or reselect the block which you will start.