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Subway Surfer Chicago

Race with Subway Surfer Chicago

Another endless running journey in Subway Surfers Chicago takes place. Guide your character to run and pass obstacles on the way to collect important items.

If you are a fan of Subway Surfer, then the latest version of this game should be added to your must-play list. Transform into a naughty boy on the road. Control him to avoid the pursuit of the police. Avoid obstacles on the road by moving left, right, jumping up or crouching. After that, collect coins and other necessary items along the way. Some road boosters can give you special abilities like flying up, sucking coins on the road, running faster, and so on. You can use the skateboard to move faster and collect more coins. Note that if you hit the obstacles, you can safely survive the first time. However, you will be caught by the cop if you collide on the second attempt. Try to go as far as you can and collect as many coins as possible. You will get a high score if you have a lot of coins. Get the highest score possible to put your name on the list of high scorers. Join the game to discover the special points compared to previous seasons.

What Subway Surfer stands out with Chicago

The way the character moves

It is different from Helix Jump because in this game you need to master the movement keys. Here are a few ways you can control your character.


  • Use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move
  • Press on the W key or the UP ARROW key to jump up
  • Hold on to the SPACEBAR key to use the skateboard

Mobile devices

Tap on your screen to play

Belong to the Subway Surfers World Tour series

This game is the latest version of Subway Surfers World Tour sections including Subway Surfers Hong Kong, Subway Surfers Zurich, Subway Surfers Orleans, Subway Surfers Beijing, Subway Surfers World Tour Iceland, Subway Surfers World Tour: Copenhagen 2023, and so on. Although released with many different versions. Each version will bring you a new experience in a new country. Although released with many different versions and familiar gameplay, the game still receives many plays and a lot of love. You can become one of them.

Items you can pick up

You can see some magnets, some boosters, and tons of other support items. You can get a lot of benefits from these items. For example, you can conquer a longer distance and travel in the air with boosters. You can use magnets to collect coins on the way. Using skateboards will help you move faster and protect you in a collision.