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Money Land

Prepare to build your dream city in Money Land

Become an investor in the 3D Money Land construction game. Manage your city by collecting money along the way to open more buildings and expand your city.

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a potential investor or becoming mayor of your city? Do not hesitate to try to become a manager and investor for your city in this game. Control the character to collect money on the road. What can you do with this money? First, you can use this money to open important buildings or objects for your city. After unlocking them, you can collect more coins from them. Besides, you can use your money, go to the end of the street, and put the money in the expanded area. You can further expand the scope of the city after filling the money in this area. You will earn more money for newly opened buildings or you can also use the money to upgrade your character's abilities in the upgrade section. Are you ready to start building this city?

Expand the city and upgrade your character's abilities in Money Land

You can open up your city by building more buildings and upgrading your staff. Some of the buildings you can build include hospitals, schools, bars, restaurants, parks and so on which you can see on the map. You will get richer and richer with the money you have in the game. Besides, you can upgrade some special features of the character such as move speed, collect speed, and capacity. You can move faster, collect more coins in one try and collect faster. What else do you not want to jump into the game right now?