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Moto X3M

Offroad experience in Moto X3M

General rules

Embark on a racing journey on the road of Moto X3M. Drive your car through bumpy roads and dangerous obstacles in a short time to pass the level.

Although it is a difficult challenge, terrain racing is always an attraction for players. There are countless obstacles waiting for you ahead such as sharp corners, spikes, bombs, steep slopes, and so on. You can die if you get entangled in them. Besides, you also have to race against time. If you can't get your character to the finish line on time, you may lose. You can get 3 stars and a high score if you get to the finish line as fast as you can. Is there anything else you wonder about the game?

How to cross this road

Use the W key or the UP ARROW key to move

Tap the A key or the LEFT ARROW key to brake the rear

Tap the D key or the RIGHT ARROW key to brake the front

Press the SPACEBAR to return to the original position after hitting an obstacle

All the special things in Moto X3M

The levels in the game are very diverse. You can go from the easy level to the hard level. Each level will give you 3 stars. You can get it if you reach the finish line in under 50s. The obstacles will be more and more dangerous as you level up. If you collide with obstacles, your car will explode and you will have to return to the previous point. It is essential for you to use the movement and brake keys skillfully. After you earn many stars, you can use your stars to upgrade a new character in the shop.