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Mario New Adventure

Explore Mario's journey with Mario New Adventure

Main principles of the game

Become the Mario knight to rescue the princess in Mario New Adventure. Control Mario to overcome the obstacles on the way and successfully rescue the princess.

If you want to explore magical journeys or have the desire to become a hero in the world of Mario, this game will give you that experience. Take Mario through the game's obstacles using weapons to destroy enemies and then continue to explore new stages. You can use a rush charge attack to attack the piranha plant. Also, Koopa troops can only be eliminated by normal attacks. You can only use a charge attack when the charge bar is fully charged. Besides, you also need to collect keys and mushrooms on the way. You can use the key to open the doors and keep going to the end of the levels to save the peach princess. Quickly join the game. Your princess is waiting for you to come to the rescue her and don't delay for a second.

Ways to control the game

  • Use WASD keys or ARROW keys to move
  • Press the UP ARROW key or W key to jump up
  • To activate the charge attack, you need to hold the LOI key
  • Use the K key to use a normal attack

Levels in Mario New Adventure

There are 10 levels with increasing difficulty for you to enjoy. You need to pass the low levels to get to the high level. Each level will give you unique missions. You need to collect keys and successfully rescue the princess to pass a level. In each level, you will have 3 lives. After you collide with the obstacle after 3 times you will return to the previous Mario star. The obstacles are extremely cunning and dangerous. Some obstacles like Piranha Plant or red soldier can only be destroyed by charge attack while Koopa Troo can only be destroyed by normal attack.