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Destroy your opponents in the Venge.io shooting challenge!

If you are looking for a shooting game, Venge.io is a good choice for you. Use weapons to shoot down as many opponents as you can and get a high score.

There are a few caveats to keep in mind. At the beginning of the game, you need to choose your character, game mode, and main weapon. Control your character to defeat all opponents in the game. Each character will be given a special ability which is the card. You can use cards to destroy tough opponents. Try to destroy as many opponents as you can to get a high score and continue to try other modes. Are you capable of becoming a great shooter in this fierce shooting game?

Here are some tools to help you control your character. Use WASD keys to move. Press the SPACE BAR to jump. Use the R key to reload. The E key is used to trigger a melee attack. The F key is used to throw items. Use the B key to buy, the Shift or RMG to pay attention, the H key for dancing, and B to turn cards.

4 main modes in Venge.io

There are 4 main modes including Sierra, Temple, Mistle, and Tundra. In Sierra mode, you need to complete the level by killing your opponents and running to the green spots to open and continue with a new level. A temple battle will occur in Temple mode. Kill your enemies and move the black coins obtained after killing them to complete the level. In Misle mode, your gunfight takes place in a small town. Use your Minecraft and weapons to destroy your opponents. In Tundra mode, you have to use all weapons to destroy your opponent and get a high rank in this mode.