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Trollface Quest 2

Game Info: Trollface Quest 2

Trollface Quest 2 needs you to solve funny and weird challenges. The ultimate puzzle game that will test your wits and sense of humor through the levels.

Developed as a sequel to the hugely popular Trollface Quest, this game takes trolling to a whole new level with more challenging puzzles and unexpected twists and turns. Get ready to laugh, scratch your head, and be completely amused as you work your way through a series of strange and absurd challenges. Remember, nothing is what it looks like, and trolling is the name of the game!

Explore the Whacky and Zany

In Trollface Quest 2, players embark on a thrilling journey through a series of bizarre levels, each filled with interesting and quirky characters. From the Wild West to outer space, and even ancient civilizations, the game takes you to a variety of hilarious situations, each more unpredictable than the last. You'll come across classic internet memes, popular characters, and unexpected combinations, all cleverly designed to keep you entertained and confident.

Solve puzzles with your logic

Challenges will often challenge conventional logic and require you to think outside the box. Prepare for a brain-challenging experience as you try to discern the correct actions to progress through each level. However, be warned; The obvious solution may not always be right! Experiment, fail and learn from your mistakes - that's the key to mastering this troll-filled puzzle game.

How to play Trollface Quest 2?

The gameplay of Trollface Quest 2 is very simple and easy to understand. Players interact with the game environment with simple tap and swipe gestures on their devices. Each level presents a unique scenario with a specific goal to achieve. It can be anything from helping a character cross the street to stopping a UFO abduction but remember, it's never as simple as it seems.

When you touch objects and characters, they respond in a variety of ways, often leading to hilarious and unexpected results. Your goal is to find the correct sequence of actions that will take you to the next level. Don't be surprised if you find yourself stuck on a level; sometimes, the solution is intentionally counterintuitive. In such cases, exploiting various factors in the environment, even if it seems illogical, can lead to success.

The game also incorporates a hint system to assist when you are completely confused. However, these hints are deliberately confusing and can add to the humor and absurdity of the situation.