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Tiny Fishing

Go fishing in Tiny Fishing

Outstanding rules for you

Dive into Tiny Fishing that is a relaxing fishing game online for your summer. Drop your fishing hook and harvest as many fish as you can to earn coins.

Do you have any plans for your summer? If you want to go fishing without being affected by sunlight or UV rays, you can join fishing in this game right now. Press play to drop your fishing line. When they reach the maximum depth, move the mouse to collect the fish you want. After collecting enough fish, the hook will pull up. You can collect some coins with the fish you have earned. After having a good amount of money, you can use it to upgrade boosters or buy a new hook to collect more fish. You can get more valuable fish if you go as deep as you can. When you reach a certain depth, you can unlock the aquarium and collect coins here. Don't hesitate to join the game at the moment.

Developer of the game

This is one of the most famous and interesting games of Mad Buffer. It was released in December 2020. You can play it on web browsers like desktop or mobile devices. If you feel this fishing game is too easy, you can challenge with addictive arcade game which is Helix Jump.

Important factors for you to make more money in Tiny Fishing

Types fishes in aquarium

There are many types of fish in this game. After you go deeper and discover new fish, you can collect them in the aquarium. You can collect money from the fish you keep in the aquarium. After earning from them, you need to wait a while to collect more coins. Some of the fish you can see are goldfish, carp, squid, octopus, and so on.

Upgrade to beat the game easily

You can upgrade max fishes, max depth, and online earnings after you earn some money. Initially, your single fishing will only catch 3-4 fish but max fishes will help you catch more fish in one drop. After upgrading, you can catch about 9-10 fish in one drop. You can upgrade max depth to fish at a deeper depth. Then you can catch fish of greater value. Besides, online earnings will help you catch a lot even when you are not online. Subsequent upgrades will require more coins than previous upgrades. Upgrade them as many times as possible to collect as many fish as possible.

All hooks

Besides, you can have cute and useful hooks. You can use bonus coins to unlock 1 of 9 hooks available in the game. New hooks will help you catch fish easily. You can earn extra bonus when you are active and earn coins to break previous records in one drop.