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Collect sweet fruits in Swingo

Immerse yourself in a fun and engaging arcade game Swingo to get unforgettable moments. Lead your character to collect fruit on the road and complete the level.

This fun game will give you the opportunity to experience hunting like a toad. Help your characters collect the fruits in the levels. Drag the mouse to stretch their tongues and collect the ones in front of you. At high levels, you have to drag the mouse to bring the tongue of your character to pass through the obstacles and get close to the fruit position to eat them. Besides, try to finish in the shortest time possible to set your own record. There are tons of levels and characters that you need to unlock. Try your hand at this fascinating game now.

Swingo and the mysteries behind the levels

The game gives you 7 worlds. Each world is divided into 10 levels. The levels will have a steadily increasing difficulty and you have to try your best to pass it in the fastest time. At higher levels, it is also more difficult for you to collect fruit. The distance between your character and the position of the fruit is also farther. After you complete 5 levels, you will get a new character. The new characters are so cute and pretty. Some characters can be seen like a cat, tiger, dinosaur, ninja, robot, etc. Then you will continue your new journey with their companion.