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Stacktris and what you need to know

A puzzle game that helps your brain to be used in the most productive way is Stacktris. Drop blocks on the platform to stack as high as possible.

This is a puzzle game based on jigsaw puzzles for kids similar to Helix Jump. The blocks are rotating in the air. Wait for the right time to lower the blocks to your liking. Then continue with the next block. Try to stack as high a tower as possible. The game will stop if you drop even one block. You can level up if you reach a stack of tall towers. Try to achieve a high score and beat your previous scores. Join the game to see how far ingenuity you can go.

Tips for you to win Stacktris easily

I think you will definitely pass easily of this game. However, getting a high score is not an easy thing. Therefore, you can refer to the following suggestions.

  • Firstly, you need to make sure that the blocks are laid down in a flat spot. It is very easy for blocks to fall if the platforms are tilted or slippery.
  • Secondly, wait for the blocks to rotate in the shape you want before clicking it. The game doesn't require time, so don't rush it and put it down indiscriminately.
  • Next, the safe position is the middle position, but the noticeable and dangerous position is the outermost position. If the blocks there are safely placed, you can plant more blocks on top. If the blocks there are placed unsafely or tilted, other blocks can easily drift down.
  • Finally, don't lose focus and stay calm. Even when new blocks fall and move old blocks. Do not worry. A few moves won't do anything to your stack.

What are you waiting for? Let's join the game and get the highest score.