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Space Adventure Pinball

Explore Space Adventure Pinball to return to reduce your boring moments

Space Adventure Pinball is a classic and addictive arcade game. Control the flippers to hit the ball in the air and keep it on the board as long as you can.

As a classic arcade game, you will definitely understand how to play with the information below. First, you will see a table with many different items. You need to control the push spring to push the ball to bounce and fall onto the board. Then try to keep the ball on the table as long as possible. You will get extra coins if the ball can bounce and collide with items or objects on the board. You have 3 attempts in total. If the ball falls into the trench or slips because you don't catch it in time, you lose a turn. Are you ready for this exciting and legendary game?

Objects on the board of Space Adventure Pinball

You can see objects on the board like springs, mattress pads, paddles, balls, bumpers, and so on. The spring will help you push the ball up after you press the DOWN ARROW key. When the ball enters the board, it will collide with other objects on the board including the mattress, obstacles, lights, round umbrellas, and so on. The more they collide, the more points you will get. Besides, you need to use the RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to control keeping the ball on the board as long as possible and get a high score. Do you have any other questions about the game? If not, you can get your hands on the game right now.