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Discover the exciting journey of Santa Claus in Snowline

Snowline not only challenges your intelligence, but it also tests your dexterity. Take Santa to the finish line by drawing a line over the obstacles.

You can show your painting talent and sharp brain in this most fun drawing game. Santa Claus needs to collect gift boxes to distribute them. Therefore, you need to draw a line through the gift boxes and bring Santa to the finish line in the safest way. After drawing, you need to press the play button to start and help him cross the ice and obstacles. Note that your ink supplies are limited, so you need to use them in moderation. If you run out of ink, you'll have to start the game from scratch. You can choose to undo the move or start over with the icons at the top of the screen. The level will only end successfully when Santa successfully reaches the finish line. A spiritual dish for happy Christmas days.

What is on the map of Snowline

The map is an undeniable highlight of the game. After completing the first level, a map will appear. You need to take Santa through spots like Sleigh Ride, Whiteout Peak, Ice Tunnel, Chaos Canyon, Snow Chute, and so on. Each location will have difficult terrain and obstacles to prevent Santa from delivering gifts such as high hills, volcanoes, animals blocking the way, snow, and so on. Collect all the gift bags and reach the finish line to get the most points. When you are stuck, you can use the hint to return or clear your path.