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Snake.is MLG

Engage in Snake.is MLG

Despite the familiar gameplay, Snake.is MLG has never been hot. Take your snake to collect food on the map to become as big as possible and defeat other enemies.

A fun snake game with simple gameplay and fresh form that you will surely fall in love with at first sight. Rename and choose a skin for your snake to start the game. You will control the snake to move on the map. To grow, the snake needs to collect the food on the way. Besides collecting food on the way, you also have to face formidable opponents. The other snakes on the map are also a new challenge for you. They are very cunning and clever. They can trap you by blocking your head and causing you to crash into them. Conversely, if you can stop them, you can destroy them. Then collect an amount of money after you kill them. Each food you pick up on the map will give you different experiences. The snake will become bigger as you collect many foods and money on the way. Then continue to kill other snakes and become the biggest one on the map. This is definitely one of those snake games that you can't miss. In addition, Helix Jump is also a great game that you can try.

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Attractive graphics

This game is developed and inspired based on Slither. With a motif familiar but this game still has its own attractions. You can see very eye-catching images and graphics. In particular, every time you collect a certain amount of food, you can unlock fun effects and special colors. Food on the road is also extremely diverse. Some of the items on the way include snacks, drinks, pizza, sweets, cash, and so on. You can become bigger after collecting them.

Choose skins

You can choose from one of the 30 available skins for your snake. You can freely choose the head snakes. However, the following snakes you need to unlock. You can have them by being as loud as you can. Try to unlock the entire interface.

Effective strategies in the game

  • When you are a small snake, try to collect as much food on the map as you can. You need to avoid the giant snakes on the map. It can kill you to collect food if you hang around it.
  • Besides, you need to quickly change direction if you encounter many other snakes at the same time. Sometimes, other snakes may not notice and hit you. At that time, you need to be alert and not be too greedy in collecting money from them
  • Finally, use the boost key to speed up when facing an enemy or attacking a certain target.