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Snail Bob

Join the snail's journey in Snail Bob

Accompany Bob on his journey to find his way back home in Snail Bob. Take control of Bob through deadly obstacles on the road and safely reach the exit point.

An exploration series with exciting journeys and tough challenges are waiting for you. You will see a snail moving on the road. His name is Bob and he is finding his way to a new house by going through the exit gates. However, this seems difficult because the roads he traverses are fraught with lurking danger. Use things you see on the way like tools, or items to get him over the obstacles and to the finish line. However, Bob not only has the ability to move, but he can also stop or move faster with special tools. You can stop him by clicking on Bob. You can then tap the x2 button at the top of the screen to give him a boost. Each level will have a specific time. Therefore, the shorter the time you complete, the higher the score you will get. Bob is in danger and helps him.

Hot parts in Snail Bob

You are provided with 20 levels of varying difficulty. At higher levels, many obstacles such as open wires, abysses, fire pans, and so on. You need to think carefully and wisely to get through them safely. If Bob falls into the abysses or hits the obstacles, you will have to redo the level. The levels will have a different score equal to some of your remaining time. This is the beginning of the Snail Bob series. Follow and join to discover this exciting journey.