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Slope Bike

Take part in the air track with Slope Bike

Driving games have never been out of date, especially Slope Bike. Control the character to collect diamonds on the way and stay away from obstacles.

This game is sure to take you from one surprise to another. In this game, you will step on an aerial track. Move the character left or right to overcome all obstacles. Obstacles will be scattered on the road. After having a collision with obstacles twice, you lose and have to replay the game. Besides, do not forget to collect the diamonds. Take advantage of the accelerated slopes to overcome difficult tracks and collect more diamonds. You need to pass as far as possible and collect as many diamonds as you can to get a high score. You can use your diamonds to replace a new character, buy boost items, and continue to conquer longer distances. Your level will increase each time you. Note that at higher levels the game will become more difficult as the slopes will become more slanted and reversed. If you fall off the track, the game will stop. Now is the time to sit on your motorbike and conquer this unique road.

Conquer Slope Bike easily

Drive your motorbike with the following buttons

Use the W key or the LEFT ARROW key to move to the left

Press on the D key or the RIGHT ARROW key to the right

Upgrade and shop

In the shop, you can see a variety of driving characters. Each driving character will be provided with a different motorbike. However, you need to use some diamonds to unlock them. The character that needs the most coins is 2000 coins while the cheapest character is 100 coins. Besides, you can upgrade some boosters in the upgrade section such as shields, magnets, or x2 icons. The shield will help protect you from the collision of obstacles. The magnet will help you collect all the diamonds on the way while the x2 symbol will double your coins.