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Save The Obby Blox

Start the journey Save The Obby Blox

A new and fun puzzle game Save The Obby Blox will get your brain working at full capacity. Pick a stick and place it near Obby to protect him from the bees.

If you have ever known Save The Gog, you will easily control this game. Use the bars you see at the top of the screen to place it close to the Obby. After you lower that stick, the bees will immediately fly to Obby. Try to protect Obby and help him survive for 5 seconds to complete the game. Each different level will give you special challenges. You only have a certain number of strong bars to protect you. Each level only allows you to use it once. If you let Obby get stung by a bee, the level will close and you need to try them again. Your bees don't have good vision, so take advantage of the hidden corners of obstacles and support items to get through the game as quickly as possible. Each level will have 3 stars for you, try to collect all the stars in the game. Are you ready for participating in this game?

All levels in Save The Obby Blox

The game gives you loads of levels. The levels will bring different challenges for players to think and overcome. The levels are really not difficult for you to pass. There are 20 levels brought to you. The levels above you will not only have to overcome dangerous swarms of bees, but you will also have to face tight and deep waters. Besides, each level will give you barricades with different shapes. Choose a reasonable barrier for your journey. You have 3 stars to complete each level. I firmly believe that with your ability, nothing will be impossible for you.