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Save The Monsters

Save the poor prisoners in Save The Monsters

The archery game Save The Monsters will probably make you show off your archery and observation skills. Drag and release the bow to rescue the hanged prisoners.

Innocent prisoners are hanging from the tree and waiting to die, so your task now is to rescue them from approaching death. You will see a bow fixed in one position. Drag and drop the bow to cut the ropes that hang the prisoners above. When the rope is cut and you fall down, you will succeed. However, due to being suspended for a long time, their lifetime is only a few seconds. You can see the health bar above the prisoners' heads. You need to quickly shoot down the rope to rescue them before time runs out. If the prisoners are not rescued in time, they will die and you will have to try that level again. In addition, each level gives you a limited number of arcs. Therefore, you need to try to shoot with as few attempts as possible to avoid running out of bows. You will also have to retry if the bows run out before the prisoners are rescued. Try not to shoot at the prisoners. They will lose blood and you will lose an arrow if you shoot them. Each level gives you 3 stars to conquer. You need to try to rescue the prisoners with the fastest time and the fewest arrows to complete the level. Can you become the perfect savior?

How to Save The Monsters attract players

Enhancement levels

One of the attractions of the game is the diverse levels. You will be surprised by the difficulty as well as the challenge of the game as you are at a high level. There are a total of 21 levels that you may be interested in. Each level has 3 stars that you can collect. You need to rescue all prisoners in the shortest time and with the fewest arrows to pass the level. High levels will love to bring more challenges such as overcoming obstacles with wooden sticks, and walls, the farther distance between the arrow and the prisoner, the higher platforms, and so on. Besides, on our site, Helix Jump is also a multi-platform game that you can refer to.

Unlock achievements

You can also conquer special achievements in the game. There are 8 special achievements that you can achieve. Each achievement will come with a small request. For example, to get the first achievement, you need to win 1 level. To get the second achievement, you need to win 15 stars. Some subsequent requirements like winning 6 levels, winning 24 stars, winning 63 stars or 21 levels, and so on. Therefore, you need to complete these challenges to unlock special achievements.