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Rope Unroll

Enjoy 3D-physical puzzle games in Rope Unroll

Rope Unroll will make you lose sleep because of its irresistible appeal. Free the object from the ropes that are wrapped around them by spinning it many times.

With realistic graphics and engaging gameplay, this game will easily conquer the hearts of the most demanding players. In this game, you have to control objects to remove them from the ropes that are tangled around you. To remove them, you need to look in the direction of the knots and ropes on the objects. Then, rotate objects in that direction to remove them. After the objects are successfully debugged, you can jump to the next level. The levels will have different difficulties. If you unroll multiple ropes in one go, you will get more coins. Hope you succeed and conquer all levels.

Objects in Rope Unroll that you may encounter

The game will give you a series of objects equivalent to levels. You may need to unroll the rope for things like bananas, guitars, hotdogs, buses, cars, houses, helicopters, and so on. The higher levels will have twice the difficulty and complexity of the previous levels. Besides, it would be best if you also tried to untie many ropes at once to get more coins and high scores. There are countless levels for you to conquer. The higher the levels, the more challenging the game will give you. The rope will be longer and more knots will appear. Be careful because the rope can get tangled if you rotate the objects in the wrong direction.