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Parkour Block 3

Survive the tough challenges of Parkour Block 3

Several rules you need to know

Parkour Block 3 will bring you a lot of interesting experiences. Take your character through the obstacles and reach the portal to the next challenge.

Are you adventurous and exploratory? If you are one of them, this game cannot be without your participation. In this journey, you have to take the character through the blocks to escape the challenge. Quickly pass the different levels by touching the gate. At the start of the game on the first level, you stand on a block and lava is flowing around you. You need to overcome this challenge by using the scroll key to jump on the blocks to reach the transformation portal. The blocks will have different shapes and colors and are arranged in order from low to high. Try not to fall into the lava because it can kill you when you step down. At that time, the game will be restarted from the beginning. The portals will be purple, you have to find them to jump through and finish the level. Sometimes, you may get failed or fall many times. However, don't worry because you can learn the lessons for the next try. Are you ready to step into this hop-and-leap challenge?

Keys to help you control the character

You need to use the WASD keys or the ARROW keys to move
Press the SPACEBAR to jump
Use L-Shift to run
Press ESC twice to return to the menu

Some tactics to conquer the game

  • As mentioned, you need to be sure with every step you take. Don't be too hasty or slow when jumping over blocks or trying to reach the purple portal.
  • Next, don't forget you can use look down or look around to know your location. However, don't just look down when jumping. You may miss jumping because of distraction.
  • Sometimes, there are different blocks placed around you. You need to know which block is near you and which block is suitable for you to pass.
  • Finally, stay calm because you can still gain valuable experience even if you fall down.

Subsidiary information about Parkour Block 3

This is one of the excellent parts of Parkour Block developed by Poly Games. As soon as it was released in July 2021, it received a lot of love as well as positive feedback. You can play on many different platforms such as desktop or mobile devices. In addition, the game also gives you more than 40 different levels. High levels will bring more difficult challenges than previous levels. At that time, you will have to jump over more blocks, and the blocks will move faster and faster. Therefore, you need to make sure with every move. You can easily crash if you jump too fast or too slow. This game really deserves to be on your list of games next to Helix Jump.