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Papa's Freezeria

Welcome your summer with cool ice cream in Papa's Freezeria

One of the indispensable cooking and restaurant management games is Papa's Freezeria. Pick up customers and make ice cream following their requirements.

There is nothing more wonderful when you enjoy a cool ice cream in your hand while participating in this ice cream-making mission this summer. Your shop owner Papa Louie is away, so the task of receiving customers and fulfilling their orders is left to you. In the first step, you need to take the order of your customer to the order station. Then, make an ice cream cone based on the order by going to the build station to get the ice cream. After getting the ice cream, you need to add more flavor and seasoning to the ice cream cup. In the next step, the ice cream cup will be sent to the mix station. Here your ice cream cup will be brought to mix within a few minutes. Your ice cream cup will be brought to the top station as soon as it is finished mixing. You will have to add the toppings and ingredients as required by the customer. Notice that you can see the quality bar every time you take the ice cream or ingredients. You need to try to get the ice cream when the needle is at the green line. To be safe, you need to wait until the needle slows down and touches the green level. Besides, when pouring ingredients, you need to pour from the center and gently shake around to avoid spilling or uneven topping. Once done, drag the ticket down to the board and press the finish button. Your ice cream cup will be delivered to the customer. Then wait for your customers to rate and feel about the ice cream cup. If you get a high rating, you will get more tips. You won't get much money if you get a low rating. Show me your superior store management skills. After you join this game, relaxing with Helix Jump is also a good choice for your free time.

The store in Papa's Freezeria is famous for

Customers and sellers

You can unlock lots of customers after you climb to a high rank. For example, you can unlock the Utah customer when you enter the second day, unlock Sasa at rank 15, Gino Romano at rank 39, and Taylor at rank 45. In particular, the character Papa Louie will be unlocked when you can unlock all levels, food, and awards.

All ingredients in the game

In any cooking game, ingredients are always an important part and a good factor in attracting players. It can be seen that this game gives you a variety of attractive ingredients such as cups, mixables, syrups, toppings, and so on. These ingredients are extremely rich and you can unlock more ingredients if you level up. The cups will include small cups, large cups, and medium cups. Besides, the topping in the game will include Strawberry Topping, Chocolate Topping, Nuts, Chocolate Chips, Bananas, and so on. The higher the rank, the more new and delicious ingredients are found.