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Monkey Go Happy Halloween


Monkey Go Happy Halloween is the latest installment in the point-and-click series. Help the adorable monkey family by finding all of Frankenstein's body parts.

The game offers a fun and engaging puzzle adventure that will keep players entertained. With charming monkey characters, spooky atmosphere, and challenging puzzles, the game promises an enjoyable experience for players of all ages. So get ready to strain those brain cells, collect Frankenstein's body parts and craft terrifying monsters for a Halloween like no other. With new puzzles to solve in each situation, players must think hard to get to the end and have a happy Halloween. So choose your favorite monkey and get ready for an adventure that challenges your brain like never before!

Choose your lovely monkey

Before starting their Halloween adventure, players can choose their favorite adorable monkey to accompany them on the quest. Each monkey has its own charm and personality, which adds to the immersive experience of the game.

Looking for Frankenstein's Body Parts

The main goal of Monkey Go Happy Halloween is to locate all of Frankenstein's missing body parts scattered throughout the haunted place. Players must explore exotic locations, from creepy graveyards to abandoned castles, in search of these elusive puzzle pieces. Along the way, they'll encounter various spooky creatures and solve puzzles that test their problem-solving skills.

Solve challenging puzzles

Monkey Go Happy Halloween is a brain twisting challenge game. To progress in the game, the player must solve a series of puzzles that vary in complexity and creativity. These puzzles can involve pattern recognition, logical inference, object manipulation, and more. Each successfully solved puzzle takes the player one step closer to completing Frankenstein's monster and making the monkey family happy.

Build scary monsters for a happy Halloween

As players collect Frankenstein's body parts, they have a unique opportunity to assemble their own fearsome monsters. Using a mix and match system, players can unleash their creativity and create the scariest, funniest, or silliest monsters they can imagine. Once the perfect monster is created, it will become part of the Halloween festival, contributing to the happiness of the monkey family.

Instructions on how to play Monkey Go Happy Halloween game

You can use the mouse to participate in this game, use your thinking to solve the puzzle that appears on the screen.