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Ludo Hero

Challenge your brain and luck in Ludo Hero

One of the fascinating classic games is Ludo Hero. Spin the dice and move your token according to the number of dots on the dice to the destination cell.

If you have ever known the game Parcheesi, with its similar mechanics, this game will certainly not make it difficult for you. Before starting the game, you can choose for yourself an avatar and a game mode from the given modes. You and your opponent will take turns rolling the dice. You will have a chance to move if the dice return to a 6-dot face. If you can't get a 6-dot face on the first roll, you lose your turn. You will have an extra turn if you can toss the 6-dot box. Then continue to move your token on the board. Try to get it to the finish line safely. Along the way, you can be kicked if you stand near or block a token. Each player will have 4 tokens. The winner will be the one who brings all 4 tokens to the first place. What else do you not know about the game? Join the game now to discover more.

Special things in Ludo Hero

Notes about history

This is one of the games adapted from Parcheesi. The original version of the game was created in India in the 4th century AD. After being introduced to the US, it quickly became popular with Americans from the mid-18th century.

Choices in the game

In this version, you can choose for yourself an avatar in hundreds of interesting characters such as Mac Zuckerberg, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Elsa, Steven Job, Wonderwomand, Zombie, Alien, Skeleton, Pumpkin corn, and so on. Besides, you can also choose from 1 of 2 game modes including playing with bots and playing online. In each game mode, you will have to choose the number of players on the board 2 players or 4 players. You can play against other online players or fight against PC enemies in bot play.