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Lawn Mower Puzzle

Clean the grass in your garden in Lawn Mower Puzzle

Lawn Mower Puzzle is really the brain-practicing game for your hot summer days. Move the lawn mower through the grass to clear them and go on to other levels.

Have you ever started cleaning the garden? With just a smartphone, you can now clean the garden in your house. You need to control the lawn mower to go through the grassy areas and harvest them. Wherever you put the lawn mower, it will go there. Remember that the lawn mower can only go straight. It cannot pass through obstacles such as logs, bundles of straw, wooden boxes, and so on. Therefore, you need to have the correct moves to collect all the grass. You cannot mow the same lawn twice. If you go back to the cut lawns, you can make the grass grow back. Besides, try to move as quickly as possible to get 3 stars and a high score. You need to pay attention to the time bar in the right corner of the screen. If during this time, you do not pass the level, you will have to do the level again. Gardening in the summer but you don't have to be afraid of the sun, just participate in this game.

Diversity in levels of Lawn Mower Puzzle

With 45 levels, the game will take you from easy levels to difficult levels. You can challenge yourself to higher levels by passing the first levels. At each level, the difficulty will be different. At higher levels, there will be more lawns that you have to clear and more obstacles. To challenge you, each level gives you a specific time. Try to complete all the levels in this time.