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Haunt The House

Scare the inhabitants of your house in Haunt The House

Understand the rules of the game

Become the obsession of every resident in the game Haunt The House. Chase people away in your house by making creepy jokes and continuing on other floors.

Are you afraid of scary supernatural phenomena or murky, mysterious areas? This game will become a remedy to help you overcome your fear. You will control a cute ghost. However, this ghost does not seem to rest with the disturbance and noise of the humans. Therefore, you must help it rest in your home by keeping unwanted guests away. Control the ghost to go to the other house through the chest. Use the spacebar button to select objects in the house. Then use the arrow keys to create bizarre or horror actions through the items. Initially, they will not notice your appearance, so you need to hide and use items in places where humans will easily see them. Try to chase them off the floors and out of the house. The more bizarre actions are created, the more gloomy and mysterious the atmosphere will become. You can see your home air mode using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen. There are 30 people making a ruckus in your house. You need to chase them all away to complete the mission and you can continue with other parts of town. However, you should keep in mind that some actions that are too scary can cause some people to create excessive actions or die. Points will be deducted if you kill someone. If you kick them all out in the shortest time possible you will achieve a high rank. An extremely suitable game for your Christmas is officially here.

The way to control the ghost


  • The SPACEBAR key is used for the ghost to enter objects
  • The WASD keys and the ARROW keys will be used to move the object

Mobile devices

Tap and hold on the screen to play

The attractive points in the bizarre house of Haunting The House

One of the hidden features of the game is the diverse locations. You have all 4 main locations in the game including Terrotown, Ghost Train, North Pole, and Mansion House which the player will play in this part. You need to pass the whole place to complete the game. Each point disc will give you different difficulties and unique characteristics. Besides, a point to transmit fear to these uninvited guests, the strange atmosphere is a very important thing. As the air gets darker and darker, you can more easily drive them out of the house. The indoor atmosphere will gradually increase from a relaxed atmosphere, quiet atmosphere, strange atmosphere, unsetting, creepy, sinister, and terrifying. Terrifying will be the darkest level when any small action you make will scare the other guests. In particular, any objects in the house such as tables, chairs, cabinets, beds, paintings, or animals can also become objects to help the ghost enter the spirit. There are tons of interesting things about the game that you can try. Test your courage with this game now. If you need a lighter game, you can refer to Helix Jump.