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Gold Miner

Become a professional Gold Miner

Enjoy the classic gold miner game Gold Miner for great relaxing carvings. Control the pulley to collect as many valuable resources as possible for a high score.

Yes, you are quite familiar with this classic Gold Miner game, but you can still be attracted to it every time you join the game. Your task is to control the pulley to collect resources on the land. It includes gold, stones, diamonds, money, and so on. The hook will move automatically from left to right. To collect the stones, you need to choose the right moment to get the most valuable resources. Resources will have different values. Some resources can cost you or lose the opportunity to collect other resources like gasoline, so you need to avoid them. Each level will give you a specific goal and 2 minutes to complete. You need to earn some money to complete enough goals in that time. Then you can continue to the next level. You cannot leave a resource behind while you are collecting it. After each level is completed, you can use your money to buy useful items in the shop to upgrade for the next gold mining. Becoming the master of a gold mine has never been such easy.

The surprises you can see at Gold Miner

Resources you can collect

You can see many different types of resources in the game such as gold, diamonds, stones, gas tanks, pigs, money bags, skeletons, and so on. You need to put many powers to collect gold. Gold is divided into small gold, medium gold, and large gold. You can win 50 coins for small gold nuggets, 150 coins for medium gold, and 500 coins for large gold nuggets. Besides, diamonds will give players 800 coins when they collect. Diamonds can be easier to collect than gold because they are light and easy to see. Besides, you need to avoid collecting stones, skeletons, pigs, and gas tanks. They do not have much value and will also take you a long time to collect. Moreover, the gas tank will make you explode in a large area. You can lose important resources like gold or diamonds if you collect them.

Items to support you

You can see items that support your gold mining journey. These include bombs, four-leaf clovers, rock collectors books, and diamond polish. Bombs can help you destroy the stones you collect by mistake. You will become luckier when you can collect more and better resources with the four-leaf clover. Rock collectors will increase the cash value of the stones while diamonds polish will get you more diamonds than other resources at the diamond level. This is a great game worthy of our Helix Jump site.