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Follow Jumper

Touch the top of the victory in Follow Jumper

Follow Jumper is one of the arcade games with the simplest mechanics. Create ladders and avoid obstacles to get your characters to the highest point.

A fun platform game that you won't be able to take your eyes off from the first time you play. Take your characters to the finish line by overcoming the obstacle chapters. To overcome the obstacles, you need to build stairs to bring your character higher. However, be aware that this platform also contains bars. They can stop you and knock out a character if you touch them. Therefore, it is better to build stairs to step over it or stop for a while to avoid hitting those obstacles. Besides, you can supplement the following jumpers by collecting jumpers on the way. When you reach the endpoint, the more jumpers you have, the more coins you have. You can use your money to upgrade your character at the end of the game and conquer the next levels.

Follow Jumper or stairway to heaven

Levels that you have to go through

Levels in this game are endless. You need to try to pass as many levels as possible to earn coins. The levels in the game will gradually increase in difficulty and challenge for you as you progress. High levels require you to overcome more obstacles and longer distances. However, you can collect some coins if you pass many levels. If you hit an obstacle, you will have to redo the level. Join us to discover more surprises about the game.

Upgrade in the game

To conquer the game easily, upgrades are essential. You can upgrade your character to become bigger or upgrade your ladder. However, to upgrade them, you also need some coins to upgrade. The number of coins will increase each time you upgrade.