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Enchanted Waters

Dip into cool water in Enchanted Waters

Challenge yourself in an exciting endless world is Enchanted Waters. Control your character to collect coins on platforms and jump over deep water holes.

If you are looking for a game with gentle mechanics, simple rules, and cute graphics, this is a good opportunity for you. Control your character to run on the platform and travel as far as possible. Collect the coins on the way to increase your score. Your character needs to cross deep trenches to go further. Therefore, you must avoid those gutters. Click once to jump over them and double-click to jump over large gullies. The game will stop if your character accidentally falls into those ditches. On the way, you can see magic portals. It can open up new mysterious and fascinating worlds that you can experience. After each special level, you can unlock boost items for the next round. In particular, a new character can be locked if you use your money to unlock them. Come into this lovely magic world.

Some appealing elements await you in Enchanted Waters

History of the game

This is a new product as it was launched in June 2023 and is developed by Advergame Technologies Private Limited. As soon as it was released, it became a hot game on many platforms, mainly phones, computers, Macs, and so on.

Buy new character

You can unlock 12 available characters with the money you have earned. Available characters include elephant, chick, wolf, panda, monkey, or duck. Each of these characters will have a unique price that you need to unlock to use them. For example, the wolf costs 1000 coins while the pig costs 4500 coins and uses 5500 coins to unlock the duck.

Magical portal

Some magic doors will appear on the platform as you run through. These doors are represented by a small and different color square. They can open up a new magical world such as in the sky, under the ocean, and so on. In that world, you will continue your journey as in the current world. Join us to discover a new mysterious world.