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Drifting Mania

About Drifting Mania

Drifting Mania needs you to control your car and show off top driving skills. Master the physics, balance and timing to be able to make very sharp turns.

This is a fast-paced game of skill that requires a good understanding of physics, balance and timing. To drift well, you need to note the right time to throw the hook into the corner. Hold the hook and make the necessary adjustments to the cruise before accelerating into the upcoming bend. Put your feet on the floor and get ready to navigate your way to success.

Compete on one of more than 12 long-term races that will test your driving skills. There are over thirteen different vehicle types available to you, and each can be modified to reflect how you choose to compete in races. To quickly increase your efficiency and get more wins, you need to increase the total number of races you participate in. If you take advantage of the global leaderboard, you'll be able to compete with riders from all over the world. To progress in your racing career, you will need to complete certain goals and hit certain milestones with each lap.

Some information about the game Drifting Mania

  • You can completely transform the look of your car by installing a custom body kit, wheels, window colors and other accessories.
  • Adjusting your vehicle's suspension, steering responsiveness, gear ratio and weight distribution can help you create a driving experience that's completely tailored to your preferences.
  • You must complete career mode before you can unlock drift career mode. Drift career mode includes more than 13 separate drift tracks, 60 different achievements and 48 different car performance enhancements.
  • Accumulate coins so you can upgrade your ideal car.
  • Use online leaderboards to gauge your position against other players from around the world.

Features of the game

  • An unending game with many challenging and simple stages.
  • There can be up to 30 distinct achievements to unlock.
  • There is a selection of 13 different cars available.
  • Lovely graphics.
  • Controls accurately reflect the physical world below.

Driving a car in Drifting Mania

To play, you will need to use the mouse. To continue, you need to press, hold, and then release the rope.