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Defense Quest: Save Your Base

Defeat your opponents to defend your sovereignty in Defense Quest: Save Your Base

Engage in the journey Defense Quest: Save Your Base to defend your territorial sovereignty. Help your soldiers eliminate enemies to continue to higher levels.

Do you dare to confront dangerous and powerful opponents to protect your kingdom in this game? Red onion with you will be a soldier. He will use his weapon to shoot down dangerous enemies that are running ahead of you. However, he alone could not withstand the onslaught of soldiers outside. Therefore, you need to use in-game abilities like a ditch, barricade, razor wire, freeze, and so on. These abilities are only used when you have enough energy. Energy can be recovered after a short time. You may also have to fight the boss at the end of each special level. After you win, at the end of each level you can get some coins. You can use that coin to upgrade the soldier and energy to get a new character. You can also use them to buy special in-game boosters to defeat dangerous bosses. Will you become a mighty warrior or will you fall by the enemy's heel?

Special abilities for you to destroy the enemy in Defense Quest: Save Your Base

Besides shooting down your enemies with soldier shots, you also need to use special abilities and support weapons. With the ditch icon, you can dig trenches that will cause enemy troops to fall when they go through. Besides, you can build walls with sandbags or barbed wire with barricade and razor wire. You can freeze enemies with the freeze ability. In addition, to deal with strong bosses, you can use bombers, lava rock, meteor rain, etc, but you need some money to use them.