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Cut The Rope

Come to Om Nom world in Cut The Rope

Basic laws

In Cut The Rope, you will be able to raise an Om Nom in your own home. Cut a line through the rope to help the candy fall to Om Nom and collect all 3 stars.

With cute and challenging puzzles, the game will immerse you in the experience of raising Om Nom. Use your hand to slide a line through the rope to make the candy fall. However, you need to think and cut skillfully so that it falls into Om Nom's mouth. Besides, the game not only requires you to feed Om Nom, but it also requires you to collect enough stars and complete in the shortest time to get a high score. Remember that the rope has a limit of endurance, so it will break if you don't cut it quickly. There will be more and more challenges for you. Therefore, you need to take advantage of boosters like mattress, blower, scissors, saw, and so on. After Om Nom is fed, you will complete the challenge and go to the next level. Having a pet like Om Nom is such a thing, isn't it? Have you tried it yet?

The development history of Om Nom

This game belongs to the Cut The Rope series which includes many parts such as Cut the Rope: Experiments, Cut the Rope: Time Travel, Cut the Rope: Magic, and Cut the Rope Remastered. Of these, Cut The Rope is considered the first installment of the series. It was manufactured in 2010 by ZeptoLab. You can play on platforms like Android, iOS, desktop devices, and more. This is exactly a game that is loved by many people in their spare time, especially children.

Boxes to raise Om Nom in Cut The Rope

Players must go through many boxes to successfully raise Om Nom including Cardboard Box, Fabric Box, Foil Box, Magic Box, and Valentine Box. To get the right to participate in the following boxes, you need to pass the previous levels and collect enough stars.