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Burger Restaurant

Start your business in Burger Restaurant

The simples rules of the game

If you are a restaurant management game lover, Burger Restaurant is an ideal choice for you. Reach the sales target within the rules time to complete the level.

This is an interesting combination of games that combine cooking games and restaurant management. With a familiar and simple motif, you need to deliver the hotcakes to your customers to receive money and complete the goal of the day. You can see the sales target in the right corner of the screen. Each customer will have time to wait. It is displayed by the number of stars. You need to complete their request as quickly as possible to get 5 stars and earn extra tips. Dishes served in the opening include burgers, salads, and ice cream.

After reaching the quota for one day, you will complete the level. However, if you don't serve your customers in time, they will leave and you may not meet your quota for the day. At that point, you need to redo the game. Try to pass the whole level and expand your shop.

Main dishes to serve your customers

  • The burger will be accompanied by pieces of raw vegetables, meat, and cake. You need to bake the cake before you put it together. You also need to be aware that the meat will burn if you leave it on the stove for too long. Therefore, when the meat turns brown, you need to remove it from the plate. If the mouth of the meat is burnt, you must remove the trash and grill a new piece of meat.
  • You can get the salad in the box immediately just by dragging it from the box and give to the customer.
  • To get the ice cream, you have to wait a short time for the ice cream to be prepared.

Map of Burger Restaurant

There are various levels in the game that you can see in the map. After a good trade, you can expand the store to other places like the city center or larger buildings. Besides, you can unlock new functions, items, or new stuff after each level. The following levels will have higher goals than the previous level. Moreover, the customers are also becoming more and more demanding. Try to overcome all challenges.