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Bucket Crusher

Crush as many objects as possible in Bucket Crusher

With one click, you can easily conquer the one-click Bucket Crusher game. Process objects by using the crusher to crush objects and collect coins.

If you are a fan of one-click game genres, this game is an attractive choice not to be missed. Control the crusher to crush all the objects in the game. The game starts with a short crusher with little fuel. You need to use it to crush objects and collect coins. The more pieces you grind, the more coins you will get. You can use your coins to unlock boosters and keep conquering new objects. There are countless objects in the game. The objects will change each time you are done. You can get tons of new and difficult as you level up. Engage in the game to discover new objects.

Important characteristics of Bucket Crusher

Upgrade supported device

Some upgrades in the game that you can see like the gas tank and crusher. The crusher requires 100 coins for you to unlock while you need 250 coins to unlock the fuel tank. Your crusher can grow in length after unlocking the crusher. You can have more fuel for a crush with a fuel tank upgrade. After the upgrade, you can crush more objects in one crush. Continuous upgrades will help you cut more objects. Especially, these boosters are very important in crushing larger objects like walls, fruit, televisions, etc.

Its development way

This is one of the new and hot games developed by Voodoo. It was published in 2023 and quickly became a popular online game. You can easily reach the game on platforms like handheld or desktop.