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Bounce Ball

Immerse yourself in every moment in Bounce Ball

The popular rules

Bounce Ball is a game that brings back your childhood memories. Take the ball to avoid and overcome the obstacles on the way to complete the challenge.

A game that was once popular when we were using Nokia 1280 is now back on your computer screen. In the game, you continue to control the ball through the playing levels and to the finish line. However, no road is smooth. You need to overcome countless obstacles as well as terrain such as spikes, nails, water, and so on. Besides, you also need to collect items such as gold rings and diamonds. Each level gives you 3 balls. After you touch the obstacle, the game will return your ball to the previous checkpoint position. If you hit the obstacle for the third time, you will lose and have to do the challenge again from the beginning. The challenges get harder as you level up. Are you ready for your ball's journey?

The way to move the ball

  • PC

Use the ARROW keys to move

Use the UP ARROW key to bounce the ball up

  • Mobile phone

Tap and hold on the control symbol on the screen to play

Interesting things you need to know

All levels in this version

The game gives players 6 levels but the levels will become more and more challenging. Besides, to overcome these challenges, you have to take your ball over obstacles and platforms. At high levels, you have to be flexible in shrinking or enlarging the ball to fit the terrain. You can use pumps marked with a small vertical bar in the corner. Big balls will be suitable for moving on water or going over high terrain. Small balls will be suitable in small terrain and easy to avoid consecutive obstacles.

History of the game

The game was first known in the Bounce series on early Nokia phones. This is one of the most famous games of the 2000s besides Snake. Through several developments, the game was re-launched in 2010. Although it is a classic game, it has never ceased to be hot and remains one of the interesting games to this day.